Texas Hill Country Wineries (THCW) - Bonus 3 (Hill Country)
Texas Under VineSeptember 27, 2023
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Texas Hill Country Wineries (THCW) - Bonus 3 (Hill Country)

In honor of October approaching and the celebration of Texas Wine Month, I am bringing you some info about the Texas Hill Country Wineries organization and their Passport event for the month of October. In addition to the amazing passport, they also host other event to promote Texas wineries in the hill country. This is an amazing opportunity for you to make trips to visit some of the very wineries you've heard about on this very podcast!

Texas Hill Country Wineries

This episode is dedicated to our late friend, Gary Gilstrap, founder of Texas Hills Vineyard. A true pioneer in the Texas wine industry, Gary was instrumental in starting the Texas Hill Country Wineries and was one of the first wineries producing great wine in this state. He passed from this life last week and his presence and impact will be sorely missed all throughout the Texas wine industry. Texas Under Vine salutes this magnificent winemaker and human and all that he has done. I was privileged to have him as the second episode ever on my brand-new podcast. Cheers to you on that high mountain and you have my sincere thanks for all of your contributions to this show and to the Texas wine industry.

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Video Podcast (https://youtu.be/qnTImRC4pF0)
Locations mentioned in this episode:
Duchman Family Winery
Texas Tech University Extension
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Viticulture and Fruit Lab
Texas Hills Vineyard (Also check out TUV Episode 2)
Bent Oak Winery (Also check out TUV Episode 3)
Grape Creek Vineyards
Hye Meadow Winery and Vineyard
Texas Heritage Vineyard (Also check out TUV Episode 22)
Bingham Family Vineyards
Farmhouse Vineyard

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