Salado Winery Co. (Central Texas)
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Salado Winery Co. (Central Texas)

Head to Salado, Texas in our latest episode of Texas Under Vine! Salado Winery isn't just a winery, it's a celebration of all things Texan. They craft delicious wines using grapes sourced from across the state, with a focus on Bell County fruit. Explore their dedication to local ingredients and sustainable practices. Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or a curious newcomer, Salado Winery offers a warm welcome, informative tastings, and maybe even a chance to find a fun bottle from another winery, while you are there!

Salado Winery Co.

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Locations mentioned in this episode:
Boston University
Grayson College Winemaking Program
Homestead Winery
Stagecoach Wine Trail
Salado Stroll
Beltonian Theater
Barrow Brewing Company
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CT - Central Texas
ET - East Texas
GC - Gulf Coast
HC - Texas Hill Country
HP - Texas High Plains
NT - North Texas
ST - South Texas
WT - West Texas

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