Ep20 - NT - Eden Hill Vineyard & Winery
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Ep20 - NT - Eden Hill Vineyard & Winery

I'm excited to bring my first North Texas wine destination to you with this episode. Just North of the DFW Metroplex in Celina, there is a farm and vineyard called Eden Hill Vineyard & Winery. It is proof that great wine is made all over Texas and not just in one area of the state. Come hear about a fantastic location making great Texas wine that is just a short drive from most anywhere in the DFW Metroplex.

Eden Hill Vineyard & Winery

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Locations mentioned in this episode:
Grayson College
Dallas Farmer's Market
Reddy Vineyards
Narra Vineyards
JoBreguen Vineyards


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CT - Central Texas
ET - East Texas
GC - Gulf Coast
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HP - Texas High Plains
NT - North Texas
ST - South Texas
WT - West Texas

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